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Secondary Power System parts are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions (high humidity, high and low temperatures, salt, hydro-carbons, and sand, among others). As a result, a major constant contributing to costly repairs and the eventual overhaul of the parts is corrosion.

Corrosion Resistance


SurfTec’s corrosion resistant coating can be readily applied to a wide array of metallic substrates (Aluminum, Magnesium, Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, as well as anodized/alanine metals) used in gearboxes, covers and other Secondary Power System parts.


Figure 1. Salt Spray results (0.1M NaCl at 35 °C) illustrating difference in corrosion for coated and uncoated substrates.


Figure 2. Tribo-corrosion results (0.1M NaCl at 25 °C) demonstrating corrosion with regards to wear for coated and uncoated aluminium substrates.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Strong Surface Adhesion

The coating offers a thin light weight permanent coating that requires no replenishing and is designed to allow sufficient corrosion protection necessary to last numerous overhaul cycles.

Figure 3

Chemical Resistance


SurfTec’s coating is chemically inert, and thus can withstand exposure to harsh chemical conditions (highly acidic and basic conditions) and aggressive chemical cleaning procedures.


Figure 3. Water contact angle measurements with respect to time illustrating the effect immersion in acidic and basic conditions have on SurfTec coated substrates.



The coating yields a robust protective coating that can extend the lifecycle of highly complex and costly parts. Tribologically, SurfTec’s coating offers a wear life greater than any other state of the art fluorocarbon coating.


Figure 4. Contact angle measurements with respect to time illustrating the coatings abrasion resistance with multiple scratch cycles (1 N Load, 20 cm sliding distance).

Figure 4

Figure 5

Low Friction


Lastly, the coating exhibits one of the lowest coefficients of friction (COF) of any known solid. It exhibits the same COF as virgin PTFE without the high wear rate that limits the use of various PTFE composite coatings.

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