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Our coating offers a thin, light-weight, permanent coating that requires no replenishing and is designed to allow sufficient corrosion protection necessary to last numerous overhaul cycles.


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anti-fouling (image shows barnacles on ship)


Our antifouling coating can be used in marine equipment, boat hulls, unmanned underwater vehicle hulls, and pipes to prevent microorganisms, macroorganisms, plants, barnacles, and algae from attaching to a surface.


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Dry Lubrication

SurfTec’s coating exhibits exemplary tribological characteristics, outperforming commercial fluoropolymer coatings by a factor of 18-24 in durability and displaying a coefficient of friction that is 55-11% lower.


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Icephobic Coating

SurfTec’s icephobic coating decreases ice adhesion by a factor of 3.3. Our robust protective coating can withstand UV and weathering degradation and is designed to last for the life of the component on which it is deposited.


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