SurfTec, LLC

It is the mission of SurfTec to address the challenge of poor lubrication by developing novel solid lubricant surface coatings to reduce friction, wear, fouling and corrosion in mechanical and electrical systems with an ultimate goal of extending component life and reducing maintenance cost and energy consumption.

SurfTec’s coating exhibits a COF of 0.05, identical to that of pure PTFE and 40% lower than commercially available fluorocarbon coatings. This performance is achieved while also providing four crucial benefits that give SurfTec’s coating an advantage over current solutions in this market. First, the deposition process used is a simple/low-cost dip coating method that is compatible with high-throughput deposition techniques. Second, the coating acts as a chemically inert protective layer that prevents corrosion of the underlying metallic components. Third, the coating is hydrophobic, reducing sensitivity to moisture during both storage and operation. Fourth, the coating is nonconductive, which prevents fluting resulting from electrical current passing through the bearing.