Patented polydopamine/PTFE

Dr. Samuel Beckford

Dr. Samuel Beckford

Our Story:

We started in 2015 as a privately held company to commercialize patented PDA/PTFE technology pioneered by company founders, Dr. Samuel Beckford, CEO, and Dr. Min Zou, CTO.

Our Vision:

Pioneer the development of innovative material surfaces based on nanotechnology.

Our Story


The SurfTec team is working around the clock to lead the technology of the future.

Our research and expertise, which includes surface engineering, materials science, tribology, and nanomechanics, give us a significant advantage for continuous innovation.

SurfTec serves as a groundbreaking transition point from outdated lubrication practices to state-of-the-art nano-coatings. Our coating eliminates premature failure in mechanical systems, positively impacting maintenance costs.

We envision SurfTec’s coating technology selling globally as it becomes the standard lubricant used in bearings for many applications.


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SurfTec offers a thin, light-weight, permanent coating that requires no replenishing and is designed to allow sufficient corrosion protection necessary to last numerous overhaul cycles.

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anti-fouling (image shows barnacles on ship)


Our anti-fouling coating can be used in marine equipment, boat hulls, unmanned underwater vehicle hulls, and pipes to prevent microorganisms, macroorganisms, plants, and barnacles from latching onto surfaces.

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Dry Lubrication

SurfTec’s coating exhibits exemplary tribological characteristics, outperforming commercial fluoropolymer coatings by a factor of 18-24 in durability and displaying a coefficient of friction that is 55-11% lower.

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Icephobic Coating

SurTec’s icephobic coating decreases ice adhesion by a factor of 3.3. Our robust protective coating can withstand UV and weathering degradation and is designed to last for the life of the component on which it is deposited.

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